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Tuition is paid in 10 monthly payments beginning August 1st and ending May 1st. Payments can be made by check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

All administrative, book and supply fees, etc. must be paid during the course of the school year unless other arrangements are approved by the Board of Directors. These fees are non-refundable.  Economic waivers or a reduction of fees for families experiencing financial difficulties are available.  Those parents have to complete an application and have it reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval. 

Students will not be denied or delayed admission nor denied access to any instructional activity due to failure to pay a fee.  Report cards and other academic records will not be withheld for failure to pay a fee. (R.S. 17:112(c)).

All fees are charged to students from Kdg. - 7th grade:

1.  Activity                                                                     $  60

2.  Administration                                                          $  20

3.  Book                                                                          $  100

4.  Building Maintenance                                                 $  30

5.  Capitol Improvement                                                 $  40

6.  Enrichment                                                                $  20

7.  General                                                                      $  65

8.  Insurance                                                                   $  165

Total Requested Fees for Continuing Students                $  1000

New Student Fee                                                              $ 25

Total Requested Fees for New Students                          $ 1025

All fees may be paid by check or debit/credit cards.